We expected a normal experience at Prithi Raj. What we got was so much more. Right from the minute we walked through the door we were made to feel at home with waiters who were actually nice to us, didn't rush us and made sure our experience was extraordinary. The food was excellent and left us wanting to back again and again Sarah Wilson

The smell that hit us was the most amazing thing ever when we walked into Prithi Raj, a combination of spices so great it left our mouths watering. Usually when the anticipation builds; it's always a let-down. This time was the exception. As I tucked into my Korma I couldn't believe how rich the taste and flavour was. If you want top notch food, I definitely recommend Prithi Raj John Parkin

As a vegetarian eating out, it can be a tricky situation for me. Everybody's always ordering meat and expecting you to as well, and a lot of menus don't cater very well to vegetarians. It makes me feel awkward. Prithi Raj was another story altogether. I looked down at the menu in dismay until I realised they had a special section of vegetarian dishes. Relieved, I got the Bombay Aloo Spiced potatoes which were delicious and full of amazing flavour. For once I felt like I wasn't the odd one out Kieran Parnell

How difficult is it eating out on a budget? Let me tell you, it's no picnic. It makes you feel like a second class citizen when the prices are jacked up to ridiculous amounts and you're the only one who can't afford them. Prithi Raj was different. I had a fiver that night and thought; I'm going to have to get a starter as a main, again. So not the case, as they had many mains below £5, and you know what, they tasted bloody amazing! Seriously, a good jalfrezi for £4.90? Best thing ever! Lyndsey Tabor

Let me tell you, I'm usually a bit wary when it comes to the 'house special' menu. Usually, its code for the stuff they had left over in the fridge that night. So when a friend suggested the house special Chicken Makhoni at Prithi Raj, I wasn't too enthusiastic. Until I actually tasted it. The chicken was so succulent, it left me reeling and the Makhoni sauce was an absolute delight. Let me tell you, Prithi Raj knows what they're doing, I can't wait to go back Imran Khan

When I'm getting a takeaway I usually feel like I'm in the way. Seriously, do you ever get that feeling? That feeling where you're just a number and they don't actually care about you because you're not sitting down, just something to get out as quickly as possible. Not at Prithi Raj. I expected to get this treatment and thankfully, it wasn't like that. Instead they were nice, calm, polite and helpful and the food was every bit as good as restaurant food. Definitely worth a second visit Nina Parkinw


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